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26415 South Stringtown Rd., Wright City, MO 63390    

Pumpkins Galore is a family run and operated business south of Wright City, on the Mikus Farm. The farm includes about 180 acres 100 of which is pumpkins, gourds,and squash and the other 80 is pasture for our cattle operation. Pumpkins Galore started on a much smaller scale in 1988 when the two Mikus boy's Dave and Dustin were just 11 & 7 they were also once considered a "road side stand" with just a few pumpkins, indian corn, & straw bales. Since then, we have turned our small stand into a large family business, and continue to grow each year by, both operation and family.

Now both Dave and Dustin are grown with family's of their own but continue to return to the farm each day. So the once 4 person family with a small stand is now a 12 person family with a large business.

Providing learning opportunities to the surrounding schools we offer a group package. With a trip around the farm and patch, feeding the farm animals, a snack, a pumpkin to take home is a field trip that the children young and old are all sure to enjoy.

We raise all of our own pumpkins, gourds, indian corn, straw, corn stalks squash, here on our farm. We also make our canned goods, Apple butter and peach butter is all done right here on the farm the old fashion way in the copper kettles. Each year we add new attractions and we strive each year to make the next our best!

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